Packing is always hard. Especially when you’re leaving cold temps and going to warm temps or going from city life to a beach vacation. It’s always exciting, but it can be stressful. I know that I always end up buying a ton of stuff I DO NOT need when I plan a trip anywhere. Don’t over pack if you don’t have to. Carry-on is so much easier than checking bags and unless you’re flying Southwest Airlines you’ll be paying for that checked bag too.

  • BEACH BAG – I have made the mistake of packing an adorable bulky straw beach bag. Sure it was cute and served the purpose, but it filled up a lot of my luggage and didn’t fold up nicely. HERE are a few that I have or have seen while on vacation and admired.
  • SMALL WALLET – You may have your regular wallet or purse for your Passport etc, but I would lock all of that in the hotel safe and bring a smaller wallet with your daily essentials (room key, ID, cash and maybe one CC) I would be sure it is not clear. You want to be safe and not advertising that you have those items in your bag while you’re running down to the water. Click HERE for a few that I have found useful
  • Sunblock – This is something that is WAY overpriced on a cruise or at a resort. If you’re carrying on you have to be sure you’re compliant with the FAA’s rules, but if you’re checking a bag I would get a bigger bottle, just make sure you put in a plastic bag just in case it expands in the air and opens up. You don’t want it leaking all over your adorable clothes. I like to have one of these on hand, especially of you’re not checking bags. They are great & legal through security.

  • Cover-up – I have a blog post all about my favorite cover ups HERE
  • Hat – a beach hat is a must for protecting your skin. When I pack cute beach hats I usually stack them and fill the inside of my hat with small clothing items so they don’t get all crushed.
Great reviews and UNDER $20

  • CLIPS I always pack a couple of these to be able to hold beach towels in place on your chair. They can also work to hang bathing suits out to dry. Whether it’s on a chair on your balcony or in the bathroom, they’ll dry a lot quicker when hung up instead of laying all over a chair or table.
  • Light weight sweater or jacket – nights could get cool so I always pack one (or maybe 2 depending on length of trip) to have in case I get chilly while we are out to dinner or on the beach at night. My jean jacket it usually my go to since it will work with any sundress or jumpsuit and is a current clean look with white jeans. My fav is made my Liverpool and can be found here. It’s SO soft and comfy!

  • Tennis shoes / sneakers – Also for day trips and walks. Here are a few light weight options. My stepdaughter and I both bought these recently and love them.

YETI CUP – or any insulated cup that will keep your drink cold. These are also great. I tend to bring a bottle like this that can clip onto a bag with one of these and my Yeti.


  • Waterproof flip flops/sandals – I love these since they are neutral. Great to be able to wash off beach sand before heading back into the resort or the pool.


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