I have compiled a list of great books for your next book club. I hope you enjoy!

I belong to a neighborhood book club that I try to attend every month. We have about 10 women of all ages. There are a couple Lawyers, a Dr, a teacher, a flight attendant, other professionals and stay at home Mom’s. We don’t always have a hit and often some of us have very different opinions on what we have read, but it’s always a good time getting together to discuss.

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Below is a list of books that I think will be a hit at your next book club or just for anyone who enjoys reading.

Sometimes life gets busy and I download a book onto, I find this super convenient. I can listen to it on my Amazon Alexa/Echo while cleaning or in my car through the Audible app.

Try Audible for 30 days free HERE.

If you have any to add to the list PLEASE leave a comment. I am always looking for great new reads.

I got in a dark, dark wood on Audible and it is amazing! I couldn’t get my Alexa on soon enough when the kids left for school.

The following 5 books look great & were on Oprah’s Summer read list this year. Some I have posted are newly published, so not too many reviews.

This book below will make you laugh out loud! Highly recommend.

I really enjoyed this book. This is How it Always Is makes for good conversations and debates during book club.

Before We Were Yours has a lot of true life events in it. Sad to think of how our world can be.

If you read Beartown you’ll want to read this….

If you have children using social media or smart phones, this is a must read.

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