CROSSBODY BAGS – If you don’t use a crossbody bag then you are MISSING OUT! I started a few years ago and it really is a life changing item that I use daily. You are hands free! Which helps when running around town, especially if you have kids you need to help in and our of their car seat. I no longer have to put my purse in the gross seat section of the grocery cart. I can put my suitcase in the overhead bin when flying without having to put my purse on another seat or in desperate times the airplane floor. I have many crossbody bags, but here are a few that I have used over the years and loved. A neutral bag can be worn with anything.


Bags are numbered in the picture here, just click the matching number below the picture to get details.

1 Frye Madison  

2 Hobo Nash – Buy it here

3 Michael Kors – Buy it here

4 Frye Melissa – Buy it here

5 Sole Society – Buy it here

6 BP – Buy it here

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Here are a few others —